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Start winning 8 out of 10 bets. Nobody is better than us at analyzing soccer matches and determining who is going to win!

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While we don’t use a third party verification service, here’s what we do offer to verify our tips – hundreds of satisfied members!

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We typically send our tips 8-10 hours before match start so you have plenty of time to bet!

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Member Testimonials

colon_imgTeodor Zaytsev


I’ve never found a tipster like this before. This is a tipster that really helps me win money. Before, at other sites, the tips just weren’t worth anything. These tips are different. These tips win – and they win often. I am very happy with my membership.

colon_imgBjorn Vos


Sure2OddDaily.net helped me recover what I lost at other tips sites. That’s why this site is the best. I’ll never join another site again. Sure2OddDaily.net is the tips site for me.

colon_imgOle Halvorsen


“Thanks to Sure2OddDaily I no longer lie at wake at now worried about my bets. I also don’t have to do frustrating research where it seems like everything contradicts each other. Now I just get my tips, place my bets and count my winnings. Thanks Sure2OddDaily!”

colon_imgOscar Sanz


“I’m writing to say thank you! Thank you for the tips that win so often. Thank you for email delivery. Thank you for timely delivery. Thank you for saving me work and stress. Thank you for growing my profits.”

colon_imgSiv Bosch


I just joined Sure 2 Odd Daily a week ago but I can see a profit already. The membership fee was well worth it! I’m excited to place my bets and I no longer expect to lose. Now I expect to win!

colon_imgInger Meijer


“I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for the performance of your tips. I win so much now and I used to lose so much. Your site has made all the difference.”